Digital marketing strategies to reach qualified students in Latin America, Brazil, UAE and Vietnam via:

  • Online content;
  • Website and social media ads;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Live and on-demand webinars.

Using webinars to recruit students in Latin America, Brazil, UAE or Vietnam

BMI maintains a robust database of engaged, qualified students who are genuinely interested in obtaining international qualifications. We’ve helped hundreds of institutions to mine our database and create customised lists of students in Brazil, UAE, Vietnam and several countries across Latin America from Mexico down to Argentina.

After consulting with one of our in-house marketing experts, we’ll refine our list based on your targeted student profile and the markets you wish to reach. Your Campaign Manager can also work with you on establishing a webinar topic. A dedicated marketing campaign will then provide you with an audience of quality students interested in your institution.

Communicate directly with students from the comfort of your office

Depending on your audience, webinars can be run in English, Spanish, Portuguese or Vietnamese.

Your Campaign Manager can support you every step of the way and can facilitate questions from the attending students. This is a great opportunity for students to ask you specific questions about the application process, what it’s like to study at your institution or anticipated career outcomes.

Following the webinar, you will immediately receive a detailed report and contact details for the registered students, ready for you to follow up.

Your webinar will also be available for on-demand student viewing on an ongoing basis, so you can promote it across your marketing and communications channels to ensure you receive leads for months to come.

Customised webinars to suit your recruitment needs

Webinars are a powerful, cost effective tool to bring your institution to life and help you engage with students. The list of content themes is endless and you can use webinars for a variety of functions such as:

  • Brand awareness.
  • Lead generation.
  • Lead conversion.
  • Promote a specific course or degree programme.
  • Explain the visa or application process.
  • Hold a Q&A with key staff, academics, current students or alumni.
  • Highlight your location or the student experience.
  • A teaser of what happens during welcome week or student orientation.

Advantages of using webinars to recruit international students

Target audience reach

Guaranteed minimum attendance of students interested in a specific subject, course level and your country.

Help is at hand

Dedicated campaign manager to help facilitate student questions and provide tech support.

Fresh database of hot leads

Immediate access to contact details of all registered students.

A friendly face

Giving students a chance to see you and interact directly with staff or academics can help your institution come to life.

No travel required

Communicate with large groups of students from the comfort of your office.

Non-expiring investment

Available live and on-demand for maximum exposure.

Add-ons to boost your visibility