Digital marketing strategies to reach qualified students in key markets worldwide via:

  • Online content;
  • Website and social media ads;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Video production;
  • Live and on-demand webinars.

Content marketing strategies for international student recruitment is a content-based platform that helps education institutions, agencies, governments and service providers connect with ambitious students who are planning to study internationally.

Our team can create and manage content for you in a variety of languages and produce a rich mix of marketing outreach including editorial articles about your institution or study destination, as well as webinars, video, email campaigns and social media engagement.

How does online content marketing work?

Using our content platform couldn’t be easier.

  1.   We’ll create a bespoke plan designed for your priorities, deadlines and budget.
  2.   Our team of experienced writers and translators will create content for you that appeals to students and delivers a clear message around your strengths.
  3.   Your branded content appears seamlessly alongside our popular and respected content.
  4.   Our advanced algorithm matches the right student to your article, based on their location, interests and demographics. This ensures that students don’t feel like they are being advertised to, and interest in your brand will continually remain high.
  5.   We promote your content to a diverse, engaged community of students via our social media channels and email campaigns.

Receive fresh, qualified leads any way you like

Your articles, adverts, social media posts and email blasts can include customised lead generation options such as:

  • trackable web links,
  • videos,
  • polls,
  • social media buttons,
  • file download options.

We can even integrate a form that connects your leads directly to your CRM.

Web Sessions 2019:

Web traffic

Breakdown by continent
Latin America 712,949
Brazil 320,544
Europe 171,574
Asia 101,781
North America 82,376
Middle East 54,215
Africa 38,127
Oceania 19,505

Interested in statistics from previous years?

Advantages of using our content marketing platform

Target audience reach

Our channels have a ready-made audience of those interested in studying overseas, especially from high income demographic areas.

Short, medium and long-term exposure

If your content is successful, it will retain its place in our Most Read Articles section and catch further audience attention.

Non-expiring investment

After the initial package expires you will continue to receive the branding and recruitment benefits of inclusion on the site indefinitely.

Informative and interesting content

In the past year, we have received 110,000 unique visitors each month, generated through active search (and therefore interest) alone. Our total annual visitors reaches over 1,146,000 per year.

Students have direct access to you

With a variety of Call to Action (CTA) options available, you can guide each reader to your own website, video, form, poll, social media interaction or download file option (dependent on package purchased).

Re-purpose your content

Use the new article(s) we've written for you in the marketing campaigns you or your partners run.

No copyright costs

As all of our work is done in-house, there are no ongoing fees or subscriptions necessary.

The chance to relax

Unless required by the type of article chosen, all of the production will be managed by BMI Digital.

Tell your story on

There’s an endless number of topics your content marketing can cover but first, it needs to grab students’ attention. Given our 30+ years of experience in the international education industry, we know what content appeals to students and how to position your institution at the right point in their decision-making journey.

We work with you to choose the right type of article to match your goals. From content that celebrates your institution to pieces offering advice, below are several examples of the various types of articles we’ve created for our clients that appear on

What makes your institution unique?

With so many institutions to choose from, students need guidance when comparing options and understanding which one is right for them. You might like us to create an article zooming in on a historic feature, geographical advantage or academic achievement.


“They are two of the oldest universities in the world, as well as two of the most prestigious and vaunted. They are so closely associated that they are often just referred to as ‘Oxbridge’. Which, then, would be best for you?”

Helping students choose the right course

For a highly targeted enrolment boost, we can help you promote a particular course, topic or field of study.

Perhaps your course is unusual, or perhaps you feel it hasn’t gotten the reputation it deserves. Our team can communicate just why more students need to consider it.


“Students will be pushed to explore the boundaries of their creativity, and will develop techniques for brainstorming and experimentation.”

A unique student experience

Using your brand champions and alumni to showcase the distinctive atmosphere and support you offer is a powerful content strategy. After all, there is no more trustworthy source than the words of a student to intrigue a potential audience. This article by Kenta Abraham Minagi from Guatemala, a second year undergraduate student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, is a great example:


“What comes to mind when you think about living on top of a mountain?”

The reality of living abroad

Moving to a different country is no small task and students can often underestimate the impact of culture shock. Food, fashion, relationships, travel, study culture, exams… Students are interested in it all and by carefully positioning your product or institution in the conversation, your brand can be seen as a helpful advisor along the journey.


“In certain countries, the definition of a dietary restriction may differ or your general options for preparing food may be severely limited.”

Promote a specific product students can't live without

At such a critical crossroads in their life, international students look for help all around. Banking, flights, apps, laptops, clothing, cameras… We can feature articles to improve your product’s standing within our shared target market.


“It is, of course, not easy to learn a language, but with the recent upsurge of apps and websites, now is a great time to review the options and see which is the best.”

Expert advice on how to study overseas

What might be preventing students from applying? How much do they know about visas, work requirements, deadlines or funding options? Our expertly written articles allay student fears and help them get them where they deserve to be.


“A common misconception about studying abroad is that it can be unaffordable, but there are thousands of grants and scholarships to help you get to your dream university.”

What content ideas do you have?

In addition to currently testing video options for articles, we are also eager to try new ideas if you have any suggestions for article types.

Moreover, if we consider yours an innovative proposal, we might even offer you a discount on our packages!

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