Our latest Market Report offers a 60-page deep dive into Indonesia’s education and recruitment scene.

Market Report: Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the fourth most populous country in the world. Its size and strength simply cannot be underestimated, with unlimited opportunities for recruiters from the secondary school level up to colleges and universities. Institutions and companies that get into the market now, or are looking to increase their brand presence, will reap the benefits for decades to come.

A dynamic nation that is forward-thinking, Indonesia is blessed with vast natural resources, serves a large and diverse domestic market, and is in the heart of strategic global shipping lanes. Reforms to international trade and foreign investments have opened the doors to new partnerships and facilitated further economic transformation.

Our robust report traces the country’s demographic data and financial landscape, and then moves on to review Indonesia’s student enrolments across each of the 38 provinces in the country. We then turn our gaze outwards, presenting the latest statistics for the top destination markets. We also provide tips based on recruitment trends and share an extensive list of additional resources to dive into for advanced market knowledge.

This is the fourth report BMI has co-produced with education marketing experts Jackfruit Marketing. Based on the appeal of previous reports (on Mexico, Vietnam and China’s Tier 2 Cities), we are pleased to share our research and knowledge of Indonesia – a country that is on the verge of a boom.

Report Takeaways

Understand the strength of Indonesia as an education market and source of international student recruitment.

Discover how the market is changing and where new opportunities exist.

Use our findings to guide your marketing, recruitment and internationalisation strategies.

Learn tips and best practices for those looking to build brand presence and links with key players in Indonesia.

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