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An affluent region with ample government support for international education

The forecast for international education is always sunny when viewed from BMI’s UAE office in Dubai International Academic City.

The education industry in the UAE continues to grow in both size and quality, making it one of the leading educational hubs in the world. Recognising the strength of the UAE as a destination, BMI is launched a new event in 2019 focusing on inbound student mobility to the Middle East with our new Study in the UAE Agent Workshop.

Meanwhile, outbound mobility from the region remains healthy, with discerning students and parents plus affluent expatriate groups continually in search of high quality education abroad.

International student recruiters have long enjoyed the support and generosity of governments throughout the Gulf region for the abundant scholarship programmes they’ve designed and developed, fuelling demand in our industry and enriching classrooms worldwide.

With so much happening in the Middle East, we’ve devoted an entire week dedicated to international education in the UAE, and we hope you’ll join us in a place where the recruitment scene is always hot.

UAE International Education Week

One of the best times to recruit in the UAE is surely during UAE International Education Week, held every October.

With three complementary events connecting you with students and stakeholders, held in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you’re sure to have a cost-effective and productive experience.

UAE International Education Week programme includes:


Connect with high school counsellors from across the Gulf

UAE International Education Week kicks off with our Gulf International Schools Forum & Workshop, giving you a chance to establish and reinforce your relationships with principals and school counsellors from the best secondary schools from across the UAE and the Gulf including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

Exhibit at the UAE's largest global education fairs

UAE International Education Week continues with our busy UAE Global Education Fair (also held in March) introducing you to students searching for their perfect course abroad and from within the UAE.

You can strengthen these connections further by joining our chauffeured visits to carefully selected international schools across Dubai and the Abu Dhabi, where you can present to students and their parents, as well as network with key school staff.


BMI Gulf Scholarship Summit provides access to the world's biggest scholarship programmes

And the grand finale, the BMI Gulf Scholarship Summit, rounds off UAE International Education Week with a high-level networking event that connects you to the heads of the largest scholarship programmes in the Gulf.

To widen your network of influencers even further, add its sister event (BMI’s Global Scholarship Summit held in London) to your calendar and you’ll be able to meet and network with even more scholarship providers from over 70 governments and training companies around the world.

New in 2019!
Study in UAE Agent Workshop

taking place each February, the Study in UAE Agent Workshop is an event designed to help UAE-based institutions increase their international student numbers in order to meet their rising enrolment targets.

Pre-screened student recruitment agents from around the world will gather in Dubai to network and form new partnerships with schools, colleges and universities from the Emirates.

Integrated recruitment opportunities in 2019

Dubai, UAE
Education Agents

Over 50 international education agents are travelling to Dubai to meet and form new partnerships with educational institutions from across the UAE at the Study in the UAE Agent Workshop.

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Event Location
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE
International Students

Meet thousands of affluent local and expat students as well as those funded via national scholarship programmes during your 2-city trip, which includes our main fairs plus escorted visits to top private and international schools.

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Event Location
Event Location

Dubai - Fairs in 6x High Schools


Mar 03 - Mar 04

USD 1,500
Event Location



Mar 06 - Mar 07

USD 4,200
Event Location

Abu Dhabi


Mar 08

USD 2,700
Event Location

Abu Dhabi - Fairs in 3x High Schools


Mar 09

USD 850

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