Supporting the international education industry for
35 years

Partnerships in over 40 countries

For more than 35 years, BMI has fostered relationships with industry associations and national government-supported education agencies such as Education USA, British Council, EduCanada, Campus France, DAAD, Nuffic, Education Ireland and more.

Many of these organisations have launched their brands at BMI events and selected BMI to organise events on their behalf or as partners.

Global connections in international education

BMI has built up over 35 years’ worth of relationships with industry associations and national government-supported education agencies across Brazil and Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Whilst our network is considerable, these are a handful of organisations who regularly participate in our events.

National associations turn to BMI for event launches

As one example, Campus France used BMI’s world class event management skills in 2017 to organise a high end boutique event on their behalf in Bogota, Colombia called Destino Francia. Watch our short video to see the team in action.

And thanks to the launch of our virtual event platform Talk Global Study, you can run your own event – either exclusively for your institution or with a dedicated group of industry professionals – to develop your recruitment pipeline and promote your national, regional or local brand.

We’ve run several of these white label events for organisations such as Education in Ireland, FUNED and Colfuturo. Are you looking for assistance to run an event? Get in contact – we would love the opportunity to talk.

BMI global memberships

BMI is proud to be a member of various associations and networks around the world.

Sharing our expertise

BMI is also regularly invited to speak at global education conferences about international student recruitment strategies, working with agents, enrolment trends, and student expectations from key source markets around the world. Event attendees are also often keen to hear about the research findings in our detailed market reports on Mexico, China’s Tier 2 Cities and Vietnam’s student recruitment potential.

We are passionate about international student recruitment and enjoy sharing our knowledge on this dynamic sector at major industry events such as NAFSA or EAIE and various other regional conferences around the world.

BMI's partner network

Don't just take our word for it

Listen to institutions from around the world explain how BMI has helped them over the years.

BMI's media partners

We collaborate with major media outlets in key student recruitment markets around the world.

Connections that count

Through a variety of high quality events held online and around the world, BMI brings you face to face with people from across the recruitment spectrum – from the parents and students who are planning their study abroad experience to senior level government representatives, school principals and counsellors.

BMI’s clients include universities, language schools, post-secondary colleges, pathway providers, international schools, boarding schools, government associations and educational agencies from over 40 countries.

BMI connects you to international students

85+ international student recruitment fairs and virtual events in 30+ cities on 5 continents around the world.

Visits and fairs at top high schools in Asia, Brazil, Latin America, the UK and the Gulf.

Digital marketing campaigns reaching 1.2+ million Brazilians and Latin Americans annually via Viva-Mundo.

Targetted advertising on social media, email marketing campaigns, and themed webinars run through our team at BMI Digital.

BMI connects you to key stakeholders

Global and regional scholarship, funding, and training organisations.

Principals and high school counsellors in Asia, Brazil, Latin America, the UK and the Gulf.

International Office Directors from public and private universities all over the world.