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Boosting Your Undergraduate Enrolments: Practical recruitment tips with international school counsellors.

Connecting with international school counsellors around the world

Practical tips to support undergraduate recruitment 

With over 6 million students enrolled globally at international, private and bilingual high schools, it is essential for universities to understand how to best recruit from this diverse talent pool. For undergraduate recruiters, knowing how to initiate and strengthen relationships with influential school counsellors is vital.

Our two-part series shares helpful advice when collaborating with counsellors all year round – covering visits overseas, virtual engagement strategies, and managing the ever-shifting sands of application requirements and deadlines. 

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Part 1: Establishing Meaningful Partnerships with International Schools

Practical advice for universities when visiting with school counsellors and students

  • Gain insights into what your institution can do—and, crucially, what to avoid—when interacting with school counsellors in the run-up to school visits and all year long.
  • Learn what counsellors appreciate the most from visiting university reps.
  • Find out what’s important for students you’ll meet along the way.

Part 2: How To Support High School Counsellors in University Selection and Application Processes

Collaborative strategies for successful student applications

  • Discover the 3 big trends in university applications today.
  • Understand what counsellors need from you at application time.
  • Get insider tips on how to make it easier for counsellors to keep track of your admissions requirements and more attractive for students who want to apply to your institution.

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