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Sowing the seeds

Today, students are going abroad at younger and younger ages, whether it be to refine their language skills, experience other cultures, gain confidence and independence, or increase their chances of acceptance at a well-ranked higher education institution overseas.

This desire to explore the possibility of an international education often starts in the early teenage years when students are hungry for options and helpful advisors and guidance counsellors can steer them in the right direction.

Given that they work with students on a regular basis and see them day in and day out, secondary school counsellors have a good sense of what students need and which type of educational environment will enable each one to flourish.

This makes them an invaluable resource for international institutions who are keen to understand market demand and tap into an influential audience early in the student journey.

Networking workshops that connect you with private high school counsellors and principals

For this reason, BMI has developed various events exclusively aimed at the secondary school market, such as our International Schools Forum & Workshop and our chauffeured trips to leading international high schools held on-campus either just before or after our main student recruitment fairs.

While you can meet principals and counsellors during these high school visits, if you really want to strengthen your relationships with them, then our International Schools Forums & Workshops are your best bet. These events provide you with an exclusive opportunity to meet and network with K-12 leaders and advisors from across Brazil, the Gulf and Vietnam.

These workshops help you solidify relationships via private meetings and networking functions

Conveniently timed at the start of each series of recruitment events in each region, the BMI International Schools Forum & Workshop gives you the opportunity to hold over a dozen private meetings with K-12 school counsellors and principals.

The event kicks off with a cocktail reception on the evening of the first day, facilitating a relaxed environment to mingle and network with this influential audience working in top private schools that offer an international curriculum and have a track record for sending sizable numbers of students and alumni abroad.

You’ll sit down to 11 pre-arranged meetings, converse over coffee breaks, and enjoy a hearty lunch – saving time by meeting new and current K-12 partners all in one location and maximising your visit in each city.

Meeting high school counsellors in 2021

Given the current limitations around travel, BMI is running a series of four online events in March and April to help professionals in international education keep in contact and build new networks.

In fact, institutions can expand their global connections beyond international schools and counsellors. Our Partnership Workshop Series provides you with a concise format to meet three different types of partners in one event, with each workshop focused on a different geographic region. Each event runs for two days and enables you to arrange meetings in advance with overseas universities, agents, and high school counsellors. Learn more about this new, convenient event format or register by adding them to your cart below.

BMI Partnership Workshop Global Series

Workshops in 2021 that will help you recruit via high school counsellors

High School Counselors

Giving you the unique ability to connect with influential leaders at the secondary school level across the Gulf, you'll mix and mingle with counsellors from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Hold 13 meetings and network with school leaders who advise teenagers and their parents on the next steps in their academic career.

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BMI hosts over 80 events each year in 15 countries. You can mix and match event types, dates, and cities, plus ramp up brand exposure for audiences where you need it most. We’re happy to build a bespoke plan just for you.

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BMI connects you to people from across the recruitment spectrum – from the parents and students who are planning their study abroad experience to senior level government representatives, school principals, counsellors, university staff and agents.