We didn’t become

BMI - Connecting the international education industry since 1987

It was 1987. Things were different back then. There was big hair, dirty dancing, and George Michael gave us all faith. Just over 1 million students were studying overseas and as the appetite for studying abroad blossomed, a fledgling firm called BMI was born. A lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to connecting students and institutions, encouraging them to explore a world beyond their shores and thereby enabling institutions to grow and diversify their enrolments.

Today we offer a variety of solutions to provide international education professionals with a multi-touch recruitment strategy which covers both online and offline activities across Africa, Asia, Brazil, Europe, India, Latin America, and the Middle East.

As the leading global organiser of in-person and digital international student recruitment fairs, Scholarship Forums, and international high school counsellor workshops, BMI was proud to join the Times Higher Education group in September 2022. The acquisition brings together two globally renowned brands in higher education, with a reach of over 15 million prospective international students each year, and significantly expands the range of options universities have to engage with prospective students and partners – both in person and online.

Striking a balance between online and on-the-ground connections

Virtual or in-person events? We believe in both.

Recruitment is not a binary choice. Connections are not binary; they are fluid, spontaneous, and everlasting. And it is those connections that we’ve been fostering for over 35 years across five continents.

International students are faced with a sea of choices – not just countries, cities or institutions, but communication channels too. For institutions, this intensifies the need to balance recruitment strategies across multiple regions and marketing methods.

As students have increasing choices, so should you. You can count on BMI to offer you a balanced mix of solutions to help you grow and diversify your student enrolments across a variety of platforms and channels, customising activities depending on your recruitment strategy in each market.

Connections that count

In addition to BMI Digital’s marketing services and our Talk Global Study virtual events, you can bolster your brand presence by visiting key markets in person. When it comes to building rapport or strengthening relationships, there is no better way than meeting face-to-face and spending time in a market to reinforce local connections with counsellors, institutions and government partners.

Through over 85 high-quality events held online and locally around the world, BMI connects you with people from across the recruitment spectrum – from the parents and students who are planning their study abroad experience to institutional and senior level government representatives, school principals, counsellors, and agents.

BMI’s extensive network of partners and clients include universities, language schools, post-secondary colleges, pathway providers, international schools, boarding schools, government associations and educational agencies from over 40 countries.

BMI connects you to international students

85+ international student recruitment fairs and online events in 30+ cities around the world.

Visits and fairs at top high schools in Asia, Brazil, Latin America, UAE and UK.

Live virtual events targetting Africa, Asia, Brazil, Europe, India, Latin America, and the Middle East through our groundbreaking platform Talk Global Study.

Targetted advertising on social media, email marketing campaigns, and themed webinars run through our team at BMI Digital.

Digital marketing campaigns reaching 1.5+ million Brazilian and Latin American students annually via Viva-Mundo.

BMI connects you to key stakeholders

Global and regional scholarship, funding, and training organisations.

Principals and high school counsellors in Asia, Brazil, Latin America, the Gulf and the UK.

International Office Directors from public and private universities all across the world.

BMI's impact over 35 years

After one of our events, you’ll return to your desk armed with fresh country insights, verified student data for your recruitment funnel, and memories of meetings with key decision makers from flourishing recruitment markets around the world. These are the connections that count.

2+ million students have attended a BMI education fair

We’ve organised 1200+ fairs on 5 continents

2,400+ institutions, organisations and counsellors from 40+ countries have exhibited with us

We run 85+ international education events in 30+ cities each year

We reach 1.5+ million students online every year via Viva-Mundo and BMI Digital's marketing services

We have 5 offices in 5 different time zones around the globe

Don't just take our word for it

Listen to some of our clients explain how BMI has helped them grow and diversify their international student numbers by connecting with partners and stakeholders as well as directly with students and parents.

BMI's charitable efforts to help those in need

BMI has a long history of helping children in need and supporting others to achieve their dreams.

At Salao do Estudante, the biggest international education fair in Latin America, BMI helped Unicef set up a booth in the expo hall. Parents and teens visited the booth, just like all the others. Only this time, there was a difference – a big difference. Watch the inspiring video below to learn what happened.

In 2020, BMI also launched the Sophia Zaveri Foundation in loving memory of our founder’s daughter. The organisation contributes to three charities in Brazil to support orphanages, families in extreme poverty, and future doctors and educators.

You need students - We know how to reach them

A rich recruitment mix with a range of tactics, partners, channels and countries is a sure-fire way to increase and diversify your student numbers. BMI hosts over 85 events in 30+ cities every year. You can mix and match event types, dates and cities, plus ramp up brand exposure for audiences where you need it most. Contact us via the form below and we’ll be happy to build a bespoke plan just for you.