A virtual event platform to help you meet students face-to-face online via video calls, chats and seminars.

Talk Global Study White Label Solution… Your event, our platform

As the industry’s best-known international student recruitment fair organiser, when we built our new virtual event platform, we knew we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. That’s why we’ve designed it as a highly customisable solution built around multiple needs and strategies.

The Talk Global Study platform lets you create your own event – either exclusively for your institution or with a dedicated group of institutions or organisations – to develop your recruitment pipeline whilst simultaneously championing and promoting your unique national, regional or local brand.

Run a variety of online events without worrying about the tech

Join groups such as Education in Ireland and Colombia’s COLFUTURO that are successfully using Talk Global Study to run their own recruitment events.

We make the process easy and cost-effective while providing you with the tools you need to connect with and engage students.

Talk Global Study can be customised for a wide variety of virtual events:

  • State, regional and national events to promote your destination
  • University Open Days
  • Agent and high school counsellor training
  • Student orientation
  • Student and alumni job fairs
  • Alumni advancement and networking
  • Student health and wellbeing events
  • Study abroad fairs for current students

Cutting-edge technology for student engagement

BMI provides a seamless event management service and marketing engine that is designed to work like a lead generation service that accelerates turning conversations into enrolments.

  • Engage students through a variety of options such as online chat, audio or video calls, pdf downloads, weblinks, videos, a Q&A and more.
  • Make your events more immersive and intimate by having one-to-one video chats at the heart of the experience.
  • Set qualifying questions that allow the platform’s Smart Queue to directly connect you with the best-fit students.
  • Guide students to different virtual booths or faculties for focussed conversations.
  • Bring extra attention to your institution or a specific topic via live broadcasts or pre-recorded seminars throughout the event to inform students about your destination, education system, visa requirements, degree areas, and the student experience.

How does it work?

Event management support:

  • These online events are powered by a clever AI algorithm, where attendees are sorted and placed in a priority queue to speak with you based on the qualifying questions and logic you set in advance.
  • Cloud-based and GDPR-compliant; the platform is stable, secure, and proven to work in all countries and varying bandwidth connections.
  • You receive full onboarding before an event, and BMI’s support staff are also available during and after all events.

Marketing and recruitment support:

  • We can deliver a pre-event marketing campaign that is 100% focused on your brand, destination, and institution(s).
  • You can promote your event to our entire GDPR-compliant database or you can target a specific subset of students you wish to reach by refining the list according to age, location, subject, course level of interest, and destination of choice.

Explore your options

Through our white label solution, we manage and deliver an event dedicated and run under your brand that is designed to achieve your specific goals. There is no long-term contract or hard investment required.

This is a highly customisable solution that is built around your needs and strategy. Get in touch today to set up a time for us to talk and demo the platform.