A virtual event platform to help you meet students face-to-face online via video calls, chats and seminars.

Built on the strength of 30+ years of worldwide event management experience

The year 2020 proved challenging for many of us, but it also showed us which brands could quickly innovate in order to adapt to new recruitment conditions.

By drawing upon the knowledge BMI has gained over the last 30 years of running events in dozens of the world’s busiest cities, as well as marketing study abroad opportunities to millions of aspirational young students and their families, we focussed on building a new solution to combat mobility challenges and further enhance the recruiting techniques of institutions around the world.

In times of dramatic change, we look to our roots to give us strength, and to our goals to give us courage. That combined power propelled us forward to create TalkGlobalStudy, a new state-of-the-art event platform that enables you to connect with prospective students like never before.

BMI brings you a brand new approach to online recruitment events

The ability to ask questions and receive live, personal assistance from institutions can turn into a stand-out moment for a student before making the decision of a lifetime.

Our unique approach to recruitment events brings those conversations into a new, online space where you can connect and talk directly with students who are actively researching and planning their future international studies.

How does TalkGlobalStudy work?

  • Locally-optimised online events that put direct video conversations at the heart of the experience.
  • Your GDPR-compliant leads are ready for immediate viewing at any time during or after the event.
  • Cloud-based on Amazon Web Services for stability and security.
  • Receive pre-event live training with BMI customer service personnel.
  • Participate as a standalone online recruitment event or combine it with your participation in a physical BMI fair to boost your results in key markets.

TalkGlobalStudy brings you closer to international students

  • Students must provide their full information when they register and you will have easy access to those details before, during, and after your chats with each student.
  • Students request chats, so you only talk to those who want to speak to you.
  • You set the pre-qualifying questions to screen students in advance, which allows the platform’s SmartQueue to directly connect you with the best-fit students.
  • Timed conversations from 5 to 20 minutes allow you to control how long your calls last and improve overall event efficiency.
  • Grade leads and make notes as you go, schedule future enrolment interviews with students that sync to your diary or send direct emails – all from within the platform.

Giving your institution the attention it deserves

  • Engage students through a variety of options such as online chat, audio or video calls, pdf downloads, weblinks, videos, and more.
  • Bring extra attention to your institution via live broadcasts – host a seminar or a Q&A with faculty, student ambassadors, or alumni.
  • Before they chat with you, students will visit your academic profile where they can read about your institution and promoted courses.
  • Embedded photos and videos can bring your institution to life.
  • The Download Centre allows students to pick up and store prospectuses and application forms.
  • The Contact Centre provides students with important contact information, web and social media links.

A flexible event platform customised to your recruitment needs

The TalkGlobalstudy Viva Portugal event series is just one example of how the platform can be used to focus on a country-specific recruitment approach.

The customisable nature of TalkGlobalStudy also enables us to offer a white label solution for organisations such as Education in Ireland and Colombia’s COLFUTURO that are using the platform to run their own events.

2021 programme of virtual events by region

Based on our experience of running nearly 30 virtual events in 2020, we’ve designed an upcoming calendar of four-hour live events in seven dynamic international recruitment regions.

TalkGlobalStudy events in Spring 2021 take place in the fertile recruitment markets of the Middle East, Brazil and Latin America as well as Europe. Our new partnership with Times Higher Education (THE) also enables us to run a series of online recruitment events in India, Africa and Asia.

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Our unique approach to recruitment events brings you a brand new virtual platform to help you meet students face-to-face online via video calls, chats, live broadcasts and seminars.

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