Digital marketing strategies to reach qualified students in key markets worldwide via:

  • Online content;
  • Website and social media ads;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Live and on-demand webinars
  • Video production.

Harness our social media communities of over 250,000 students

BMI owns and operates highly engaged social media communities in Brazil, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. These active student groups inspire and help others plan their international studies.

Most of our followers are based in high-income cities and each group features unique content and is adjusted to the region’s culture and language. Moreover, many of the students in our social media communities also attend BMI’s popular student fairs and online events, which means you’re able to target an organically grown social media base of students who are in the midst of their study abroad decision making process.

With a variety of Call to Action (CTA) options available, you can guide each prospective student to your own website, landing page, CRM-compatible forms, videos, virtual tours, brochures, polls or file downloads.

How boosted social media campaigns work

Through BMI Digital, you have the ability to target and engage with students who are actively seeking the opportunity to study abroad. Our social media experts promote your brand via native posts and paid campaigns to boost your presence in the right circles.

  1. Define your audience. We can target countries or even specific states and cities, enabling you to customise our audience and amplify it further to reach a similar target group.
  2. We help you create the content. Our experts write or translate and localise your message so it discreetly becomes part of daily conversations. We also advise on how best to send you leads from social media posts.
  3. We guarantee your post gets noticed. We back each post with paid promotion to ensure you reach our follower base as well as friends of those particular students too.
  4. Track your ROI. Your personal campaign manager will send you regular reports to help track your success and provide any advice and support you may need to adjust your digital strategy accordingly.

Advantages of our social media marketing techniques

The right message at the right time

Filter and target our communities of high-quality students who are actively planning to study abroad.

Run global campaigns or customise messages by audience

Ensure maximum brand reach or refine each campaign based on specific goals.

Give students direct access to you

Run a variety of campaigns with different Calls to Action (CTAs) to test responses and engagement.

Organically grown student communities

Our groups are constantly growing thanks to a steady stream of fresh content, online campaigns and events, as well as on-the-ground recruitment fairs.

Niche options within a global footprint

Tap into a ready-made audience of those interested in studying overseas, especially high income demographics in Central and South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Detailed post-campaign reporting

Get all the data you need for concrete ROI.

Add-ons to boost your visibility