New BMI Roadshow Event in China’s Tier 2 Cities Brings New Recruitment Opportunities

International education services company BMI is excited to introduce institutions to new recruitment and partnership opportunities dotted across fresh territory in China’s landscape via its brand new event: the BMI T2 China Agent Roadshow.

Taking place in three Tier 2 cities over six days, the new event will follow a roadshow format, with BMI’s expert team escorting a limited number of institutions across China to meet face to face with local student recruitment agents who have been vetted for quality, integrity and professionalism.

The event schedule includes a series of one-to-one meetings in each city with pre-screened education agents as well as various networking functions in 5-star venues as follows:

  • Hangzhou:  11 Nov 2019
  • Chengdu:  13 Nov 2019
  • Shenyang:  15 Nov 2019

Recruiting Students in China’s Tier 2 Cities

As the world’s biggest student recruitment market, China is no stranger to international education. Yet most institutions tend to focus on classic Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Meanwhile, its Tier 2 cities boast massive improvements in infrastructure, huge inward investments and an increasingly skilled and wealthy workforce.

Although the tier system is not officially recognised by the Chinese government, with over 600 cities across the country, colloquially many have been grouped into four tiers according to their GDP, population and consumer sophistication. For example, Tier 2 cities have a GDP between USD 68-299 billion and a population of 3-15 million people.

Tier 2 cities such as the ones visited on the BMI Agent roadshow are undergoing rapid expansion, yet are not often visited by international student recruiters and foreign universities, which makes this new event all the more valuable.

BMI’s Director of Special Projects Spencer Hawkes explains, “For over 30 years, BMI has been running events across Latin America, Brazil, the Middle East and Asia. We knew that when the time was right, we would add China to our roster and we’re really looking forward to the event launch in 2019. In a country as vast and complex as China, institutions will certainly benefit from our personalised service and chauffeured travel arrangements. Plus, we’ve partnered with Bonard to help us invite only the most relevant, high-quality agents from these cities.”

Working from their office in Tianjin, China, education industry research firm Bonard (formerly known as Student Marketing) will manage a multi-platform agent recruitment campaign to attract and engage relevant, carefully vetted agencies. Speaking about the partnership, CEO Samuel Vetrak commented, “We are pleased to partner with BMI and help them with their expansion into China. Their events are highly popular, so is China as a source market and the BMI Agent Roadshow T2 China will be a great opportunity for local agencies to meet educational institutions from all over the world. Our team of researchers and recruiters based in China is ready to help and use their local presence and knowledge, strong network of contacts (guanxi) and years of experience in recruiting reliable agencies from China and other markets.”

Due to the boutique nature of the event, spaces are limited. Institutions are encouraged to express their interest in joining as soon as possible via the website or by contacting BMI.


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