Hangzhou - Chengdu - Shenyang

Form partnerships with pre-screened agents in China’s expanding Tier 2 cities

Going deeper into China

As the world’s biggest student recruitment market, China is no stranger to international education. Yet most institutions tend to focus on classic Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, its Tier 2 cities boast massive improvements in infrastructure, huge inward investments and an increasingly skilled and wealthy workforce who are keen to give their children the best education possible.

In 2019, BMI is excited to introduce education institutions to new recruitment and partnership opportunities dotted across fresh territory in China’s landscape, bringing you face to face with agencies in three of China’s cities which are undergoing rapid expansion, yet are often overlooked by international institutions.

The BMI Agent Roadshow T2 China takes place over six days and includes a series of one-to-one meetings with carefully pre-screened education agents, giving you a total of 39 meetings across all three cities. You will also have the opportunity to mix and mingle in a relaxed setting during our networking functions in 5-star venues.

This event is particularly relevant for institutions that want to build relationships with high-quality agents from three influential cities across China.

Meeting student recruitment agents in Hangzhou

With a population of 9.8 million and GDP of approximately USD 200 billion, Hangzhou is a force to be reckoned with. As such, our roadshow starts off strong and welcomes you with open arms to a city of enormous power and potential.

Upon arrival, you’ll kick off with a welcome reception and rub shoulders with student recruitment agency owners and senior decision makers; people who have the authority to engage in new agreements or cement existing relationships.

The next day, you’ll have 13 pre-booked meetings at an event that will be attended by carefully selected local agents who are looking to create partnerships with secondary schools, language schools and higher education institutions overseas.

Chengdu: A thriving city in the heart of China

Chengdu has a lot more going for it than cute pandas.

The demand for language courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes has been steadily building in Chengdu, creating a plethora of opportunities for international student recruiters. The city rakes in an annual GDP of USD 230 billion and supports over 14 million people; more and more of whom are hungry for a taste of a top quality educational experience overseas.

Institutions that get into Chengdu now will reap the rewards for decades to come, making this city an essential stop on our China roadshow. Your time in Chengdu will also feature 13 pre-arranged meetings with the most active agents within this massive regional hub.

Shenyang: A sleeping giant in China's recruitment scene

As the smallest Tier 2 city on our roadshow, you might have never even heard of Shenyang. That’s a mistake you can’t afford to make.

“Small” in China is a relative term – the city’s population breaches 8.2 million and its GDP hovers in the USD 87 billion mark. Considered to be a rising growth engine for China, Shenyang plays host to the final city on our roadshow tour and after another round of 13 meetings and networking events, this city will no doubt leave you with a roster full of recruitment contacts and an optimistic view of China’s tomorrow.

Tour dates 2019 / 2020

Asia, Chengdu, China, Hangzhou, Shenyang
Education Agents

New in 2019, our team will escort you to three of China's Tier 2 cities which are undergoing rapid expansion, yet are off the radar of many recruiters. In each city, you’ll hold a series of 13 private meetings and partake in networking events with student recruitment agencies from areas of China not often visited by overseas institutions, giving you fresh contacts and new partnership opportunities dotted across China’s landscape.

Event Location
Event Location

Hangzhou (10-11/11/2019)
Chengdu (12-13/11/2019)
Shenyang (15-16/11/2019)


Nov 10 - Nov 16

USD 11,000

Early bird rates end on Dec 06, 2019

Asia, China, Jinan, Wuhan, Xian
Education Agents

BMI's Agent Roadshow will introduce you to pre-screened agents in three of China’s Tier 2 cities which are full of recruitment potential, yet not often visited by foreign institutions. Through scheduled meetings and classy networking functions, you'll forge ties with new recruitment resources dotted across fresh territory in China.

Event Location
Early Bird Price
Event Location

Wuhan (22-23/03/2020)
Xian (24-25/03/2020)
Jinan (26-27/03/2020)


Mar 22 - Mar 27

Early Bird Price
USD 9,000

USD 11,000