Wuhan - Xi'an

Visit bilingual high schools and form partnerships with pre-screened agents in China’s expanding Tier 2 cities

Going deeper into China

As the world’s biggest student recruitment market, China is no stranger to international education. Yet most institutions tend to focus on classic Tier 1 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, its Tier 2 cities boast massive improvements in infrastructure, huge inward investments and an increasingly skilled and wealthy workforce who are keen to give their children the best education possible.

The BMI Roadshow T2 China brings education institutions face to face with agencies and students in two of China’s cities which are undergoing rapid expansion, yet are often overlooked by international institutions.

You’ll hold a series of private meetings and partake in networking events with pre-screened student recruitment agencies in areas of China not often visited by overseas institutions. You will then take part in a series of mini-fairs in three prestigious international schools, giving you access to students who are keen and able to continue their studies overseas.

Our unique combination of agent workshops and high school fairs brings you fresh contacts and new opportunities dotted across China’s landscape.

Wuhan - A prime educational hub in China

May 11th  – Agent Workshop

May 12th  – Fairs in three high schools

Lying on the middle reaches of the intersection between the Yangtze and Han rivers, this 3,500 year-old city boasts a GDP of over US$ 203 billion, generated by a population of over 8.5 million people. With 35 institutes of higher education within the city, Wuhan is a major educational hub and a solid source of international students.

Upon arrival, you’ll kick off with a welcome reception and rub shoulders with student recruitment agency owners and senior decision-makers; people who have the authority to engage in new agreements or cement existing relationships.

The next day, you’ll have 13 pre-booked meetings at an event that will be attended by carefully selected local agents who are looking to create partnerships with secondary schools, language schools, and higher education institutions overseas.

The following day, we put on our student recruitment hats to visit three top bilingual high schools where you will take part in fairs to meet with students and parents. BMI has you covered for the whole trip, providing a chauffeured experience including transport, lunch and refreshments.

Xi'an - An exciting city with one foot in the past and the other in the future

May 14th  – Agent Workshop

May 15th  – Fairs in three high schools

A popular tourist destination and the most populous city in Northwest China with over 9 million people, Xi’an is home to the famous Terracotta Army as well as the 500,000 year-old remains of Lantian Man.

With a GDP of over US$ 113 billion and over 30 local universities, Xi’an is noted for its technology schools and is a research and production base for China’s aerospace industry.

Institutions that get into Xi’an now will reap the rewards for decades to come, making this city an essential stop on our China Roadshow.

Your time in Xi’an will follow the same format as in Wuhan.  The day following the welcome reception will feature 13 pre-arranged meetings with the most active agents within this massive regional hub. Having developed new agent relationships, the next day will see our group back on the road to visit three more top bilingual high schools for on-campus student recruitment fairs.

Tour dates 2020

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BMI's Roadshow China T2 will introduce you to pre-screened agents in three of China’s Tier 2 cities which are full of recruitment potential, yet not often visited by foreign institutions. The tour also includes a series of fairs in bilingual high schools in each city we visit.

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