Hangzhou - Chengdu - Shenyang

Form partnerships with pre-screened agents in China’s expanding Tier 2 cities

Meet trusted agency partners in China's Tier 2 cities

BMI delivers a diverse mix of thoroughly vetted student recruitment agents in China’s up-and-coming Tier 2 cities:

  • All participating agents are reference checked. We speak with a minimum of two existing education partners.
  • Agents provide credit card details to secure their participation.
  • Agents must agree in writing that they adhere to ethical standards, rules and regulations.
  • Participating agents must speak English and have a strong record of sending students abroad.

Attracting the best agents from Tier 2 China

Backed by more than 30 years of experience running fairs across Latin America and Brazil, as well as in the Middle East and Asia, BMI is especially pleased to add China to its mix of student recruitment countries in 2019.

To ensure that participating institutions only meet with the most relevant, high-quality agents, BMI have partnered with leading education industry research firm Bonard (formerly Student Marketing). Working from their office in Tianjin, China, the Bonard team manage a proven, multi-platform agent recruitment campaign which attracts, engages and then invites relevant agencies.

Limited availability!

As a brand new event in 2019 and a boutique event, spaces will fill up fast.

We limit the number of institutions so you leave knowing every agent and, just as importantly, they know you. A ratio of two agents per institution means that you only meet with the most relevant agents, leaving you with sufficient time for a full discussion of your programmes.