New report provides essential student recruitment data on China’s expanding Tier 2 cities

Undergraduates in higher education in China's Tier 2 cities

Undergraduates in higher education in China’s Tier 2 cities.
For an overview of education statistics across 6 Chinese provinces,
see our Market Report.

International education services companies BMI and Jackfruit Marketing have just released a new market report designed to bolster industry knowledge of the education landscape and student recruitment scene in the capitals of six Chinese provinces. The T2 China Market Report covers a wide range of data and analysis on the six expanding metropolises of Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Wuhan, Xi’an and Jinan.

The report is broken down into three sections:

  • Market Introduction with urbanisation trends, population statistics and an overview of each city;
  • Economic Environment including GDP by city and province, wages and per capita disposable income;
  • Education & Recruitment covering school enrolments from primary level up to undergraduate, recent developments in global partnerships and exchanges, new policies designed to lure in young talent and an overview of the recruitment agency environment.

Report author and owner of Jackfruit Marketing Jackie Kassteen commented, “In conducting research for this report, we were especially excited to see numerous proactive policies across China’s secondary cities designed to cultivate employment opportunities and advancement for young talent.

In the last several years, we’ve watched as China has shifted from a sending market to a more balanced reputation which includes that of an education destination. International education professionals looking to build or enhance ties with China will benefit from having a clear view of the recruitment potential in these cities, but also on the strength of them, which present enticing options for Chinese students as well as those from overseas.” 

Power and growth shifting in China

Stagnating growth and population caps in Beijing and Shanghai have led to a trend of lost lustre for China’s megacities. Meanwhile, the country’s rapidly expanding Tier 2 cities are enjoying increased wealth and education options. With the T2 China Market Report providing details on demographics, economic growth and enrolments across all levels of education in the six provinces, both BMI and Jackfruit Marketing are confident that this latest release of market intelligence will serve as a useful guide in recruitment and internationalisation strategies. 

Spencer Hawkes, BMI’s Director of Special Projects, enthused, “Following the success of our first Vietnam Market Report, we were keen to engage Jackfruit Marketing once again to produce another piece of research detailing the recruitment and partnership potential in China’s secondary cities.

We’ve seen enormous changes in our industry over the last 30+ years, and we launched the BMI Agent Roadshow T2 China this year in order to help institutions to branch out further as competition intensifies. We’re dedicated to providing that on-the-ground experience through our events, but we also know that market knowledge and data is crucial for market entry and long-term success. Those insights – by way of our latest in-depth market report – go hand in hand with our 5-star events and we look forward to sharing this research across the industry.”


Agent Roadshows across China

Taking place in November 2019 and March 2020, the BMI Agent Roadshow T2 China brings 40 institutions to three cities at a time. Each six-day tour includes a series of 13 one-to-one meetings, giving educational institutions the chance to hold at least 39 meetings with up to 120 carefully pre-screened student recruitment agents. Participants will also have the opportunity to mix and mingle in a relaxed setting during networking functions in 5-star venues which include cocktail receptions, breakfasts, coffee breaks and lunches.

BMI’s roadshows provide a stress-free way for international education institutions to form new recruitment agreements and partnerships in six influential cities across areas of China not often visited by foreign education providers.

From November 10th till the 16th, the BMI Agent Roadshow visits Hangzhou, Chengdu and Shenyang. In March 2020 the event moves to Wuhan, Xi’an and Jinan.


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