Dedicated to the booming boarding and high school sectors in Vietnam.

Vietnam's international boarding and high school fair

For the past five years, BMI has established itself as the premium organiser of international education recruitment events in Vietnam. In a direct response to the growing numbers of Vietnamese students seeking a secondary school education overseas, BMI is proud to offer it’s K-12 recruitment platform in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s core recruitment hubs.

Strong local partnerships in Vietnam

Vietnam Global Boarding & High School Fair is fully endorsed and run in partnership with the Centre for International Education Consultancy (CIEC), a state-owned education agency and advising center which falls under the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training. The Vietnamese government enthusiastically supports BMI’s efforts to produce world-class events that best serve the interests of the country’s up and coming families and school-age children.

Vietnam's secondary school market

In recent years, the K-12 school sector in Vietnam has ballooned, thanks to an increasing youth population and rising middle class. Parents are sending their children overseas at younger and younger ages – sometimes for short term courses and camps as a taster experience and more and more, to spend several years at a secondary school abroad in preparation for higher education.

2021 South East Asia Recruitment Events in Vietnam

South East Asia Online Recruitment Events in 2021

Exhibitors to any BMI fair will enjoy a further discounted rate of US $1,100 per BMI TalkGlobalStudy virtual event. Discounts will be applied at checkout.