Connect with counsellors and principals from top private, bilingual and international schools across Southeast Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
7-8 March 2024

Connect with the entire Southeast Asian region in just one place

You could spend months travelling across Southeast Asia to find the region’s best schools and set up visits, or you could join our two-day event where we bring the entire region to you – all under one roof.

BMI/THE connects you with counsellors, principals and heads of the best international, private and bilingual schools throughout six countries including:

  • Brunei;
  • Indonesia;
  • Malaysia;
  • Philippines;
  • Singapore;
  • Vietnam.

What types of schools from Southeast Asia will be there?

BMI/THE invites attendees from only the best private, bilingual and international schools in SE Asia, so you can be sure to meet prospective partners who can send you top quality students. All participating high schools have been selected due to the high numbers of students who study overseas after they graduate.

These private elite schools come from a range of profiles such as:

  • International and Intercultural schools teaching an American, British, French or German curriculum.
  • Secondary schools preparing students for GCSEs or A levels.
  • K-12 schools following the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.
  • Private Catholic, Islamic and other religion-affiliated schools.

How we ensure you meet face-to-face with key student influencers in Asia

Our outreach team in Asia have long standing relationships with high performing schools across the region. Using our local knowledge, we are able to engage with principals and counsellors to invite them to the event and explain how meeting with international university partners will help them improve the way they counsel students and parents.

Each participant has been selected and specifically invited to the event based on their school’s record of students travelling abroad for higher education. On qualifying to attend, BMI covers their flights to the event, accommodation and all meals.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the elite schools that will attend.

New accreditation programme for counsellor's Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

High school counsellors are also attracted to the Southeast Asia International Schools Forum & Workshop because they can participate in professional development seminars that tackle key issues such as academic testing, how to improve the counselling profession, and managing various visa processes. This extra academic content and training provides school counsellors and principals with credits towards completing the Times Higher Education Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP). By completing THE CAP, they will have a globally recognised accreditation and their school will become a THE Accredited Counsellor School.

This compelling programme ensures that we attract the right high schools for you to meet, train and form new relationships with in order to encourage outbound student mobility.

Meet Southeast Asia's best high school counsellors in person

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
High School Counselors

Young Southeast Asians are heading overseas in growing numbers, and this event is where it all starts. Meet the principals and high school counsellors who inspire and encourage students in their final years of secondary school, and spend 2 days solidifying relationships with influencers from the best private and international schools in the region.

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Event Location
Event Location

Ho Chi Minh City - Meeting Table (for 1 rep)


Mar 07 - Mar 08

USD 4,400

5 Star reviews from attending institutions

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