Connect with universities, agents, and high school counsellors in a series of 4 online workshops, each one dedicated to a different region:

  • Brazil;
  • Latin America;
  • Middle East;
  • Southeast Asia.

Live video meetings with university partners, agents and high school counsellors

Using the MarcomPro e-Scheduling system, you will be able to search, evaluate, and schedule meetings with a range of vetted education agents, counsellors from private and international secondary schools, and senior international staff from leading federal, state and private universities. This workshop series consists of four separate events, each one concentrating on a core recruitment zone: Brazil, Latin America, Middle East, and South Asia.

Build your global network of institutional representatives

  • Meet senior international staff from leading universities to form TNE (Transnational Education) agreements.
  • Explore student scholarship opportunities that are sponsored or administered by top overseas universities.
  • Build and maintain virtual and face to face study abroad, academic exchange partnerships and staff mobility.
  • Explore strategic partnerships for international research collaborations and curriculum internationalisation.

Connect with influential high school counsellors and principals

  • BMI invites participants from only the best private, bilingual and international schools, so you can be sure to meet prospective partners who can send you top quality students.
  • Build rapport, train and network with influential secondary school counsellors and leaders who can put your brand in front of aspiring international students and sow the seeds for studying abroad from early on.
  • Create a foundation of contacts in top private and international schools who actively advise and prepare their students for an undergraduate education overseas.

Make new agency partnerships

  • Create new agreements with pre-qualified agents with a strong track record and a desire to partner with new institutions.
  • Strengthen your relationships with existing agents and alert them of new programmes or admissions criteria.
  • Plan new recruitment campaigns with partners overseas based on local demand.
  • Network, learn and take the pulse of what is happening in key student recruitment cities and regions.

BMI Partnership Workshop Global Series