Meet affluent local and expat students making their final study plans.

Your trip includes our main events plus fairs held in top private and international schools.

Recruit affluent local and foreign students in the UAE

Reinforce your brand and your unique educational offering with a focused opportunity to meet students and families in the final stages of deciding where they will study.

BMI gets you in front of:

  • National citizens who have access to generous scholarship programmes;
  • Wealthy inter-generational expatriate families;
  • Western expatriates whose children attend international schools.

The UAE has one of the highest GDPs in the world and continues to grow with international and local investment.

Recruiters love this market thanks to its local, gifted students who have access to generous scholarships, and expatriate parents who have the funds to support their children’s international study ambitions.

Emirati students typically speak Arabic and their English fluency is rising, so they are eager to practice or make use of their skills overseas.

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with thousands of visitors who attend each recruiting season.

Meet thousands of students at the UAE Global Education Fairs

In October 2018, exhibiting institutions, governments and agents met and had the chance to recruit thousands of engaged students who were in the process of finding their course. Visitor statistics were as follows:


Abu Dhabi 2,380

Dubai 4,721

Top 10 Subject Areas

Business & Management
Computer Sciences
Marketing & PR
Art & Design
Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary

Course of interest

Undergraduate - 45%
PhD - 9%
MBA - 17%
Masters - 36%
Language Programmes - 12%
Career-based / Vocational - 19%
Certificate / Diploma Courses - 22%
Executive Programmes - 14%
High School - 17%

UAE Global Education Fairs partners and supporters

Run out of BMI’s office in Dubai International Academic City, we have partnered with an impressive array of government supporters, sponsors and media partners. Here is a sample of key organisations who have participated at UAE Global Educations Fairs in the past 18 months.

How we connect you with the right students

BMI deploys a multi-channel marketing strategy to connect you with qualified students who are in the final stages of choosing their international course and institution.

All students attending our events pre-register, so you’ll instantly receive fresh, accurate data on students’ academic abilities and interests as well as financial levels.