New Global Scholarship Symposium launched by BMI and Jackfruit Marketing

New in 2020, universities and scholarship organisations will come together in London for a full day of learning and mutual exchange of information to facilitate partnerships which support fully-funded or government-sponsored students via a brand new event: the BMI Global Scholarship Symposium, brought to you by international education services company BMI and their partner Jackfruit Marketing.

Taking place on 15 April 2020, the day before the exclusive BMI Global Scholarship Summit, the Symposium will consist of interactive sessions designed to encourage attendees to learn from their peers and share best practices between institutions and funding bodies.

15 April 2020 – BMI Global Scholarship Symposium

16-17 April 2020 – BMI Global Scholarship Summit

Scholarship organisations and funding agencies from around the world will have the opportunity to compare and contrast their programmes’ performance, selection process and structure. Meanwhile, to encourage dialogue amongst universities, the BMI Global Scholarship Symposium programme will also consist of break out sessions to teach institutions how to conquer the complexities they might face when working with scholarship and funding organisations.

Call for Proposals is open until 31 January

Through highly interactive sessions such as roundtables, group work, debates and open Q&A discussions, delegates will unpack case studies, share real life examples, as well as explore challenges and potential solutions to process management.

International education consultancy, project management and training company Jackfruit Marketing will produce the programme. Speaking about the event, Symposium Director and Jackfruit Marketing’s founder Jackie Kassteen commented, “We’ve been working with BMI for several years now and are very excited to help them launch this new conference to add to their ever-growing portfolio of high quality events. We’re always eager to develop new initiatives with our clients and partners, especially those that foster dialogues and knowledge sharing such as the Symposium. The planning has been going very well so far and we’re looking forward to bringing this idea to life in April.”

Whereas the Summit focuses on bringing the two parties together for formal, private meetings to discuss agreements and partnerships, the BMI Global Scholarship Symposium is open to anyone looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of the global scholarship landscape. Topics to be discussed at the Symposium include:

  • The impact of scholarships across the globe.
  • Introduction to the world of scholarships and funding models.
  • Best practices for scholarship organisations – what are funding organisations in other regions doing?
  • Successful case studies of how universities can work with scholarship providers, from the early days of a partnership through to long-term collaborations.
  • Managing and monitoring student success.

A tentative programme is live and the Call for Proposals is open.

Making scholarship connections and gaining insights from around the world

From scholarships to grants to loans, there’s a strong mix of funding models that support international students pursuing higher education overseas. Programmes and requirements can change frequently and vary widely from country to country, making it a challenge for industry professionals to understand the variations and stay up to date.

“Those who are new to the scholarship landscape may also need guidance on relationship building with funding agencies or internal process management within their institutions,” explains Kassteen. “What makes the Symposium so valuable is that we’re the only event out there that gives universities this knowledge and helps them build expertise in an area of our industry which is incredibly important for both an institution’s enrolment as well as for increasing students’ access to a top quality educational experience abroad.”

BMI’s President and CEO Samir Zaveri added, “These insights will not only improve the way institutions work with scholarship providers, but they’ll also enhance the student experience as both parties collaborate to streamline issues around entry requirements, payments, reporting and so on.

Furthermore, we know that scholarship organisations and funding bodies are keen to share best practices with each other, but doing so is difficult given the global nature of our work. The Symposium is the first event that invites these providers together so they can compare and contrast how each programme is run, and discuss improvements. By partnering with Jackfruit Marketing, we’re confident that we’ll produce an event that both scholarship providers and institutions will benefit from.”

Due to the unique nature of the BMI Global Scholarship Symposium, spaces will fill up quickly. Institutions and scholarship organisations are encouraged to express their interest in joining as soon as possible by registering via the website or by contacting BMI.


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