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A higher education institution’s international office can cover a huge range of responsibilities such as recruiting foreign students, agency management, international marketing, mobility and exchanges, academic collaborations, strategic development and partner management through to international student support, integration and retention.

With more and more institutions setting internationalisation agendas, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to find university partners that enhance their current educational offering and also adhere to similar standards in terms of academic quality and student experience.

Today, in order to remain competitive, international institutions are prioritising the need to strengthen their professional relationships and create strategic partnerships for:

  • international research collaborations,
  • joint and dual degrees,
  • twinning programmes,
  • curriculum internationalisation,
  • visiting lecturers and staff mobility,
  • student exchange,
  • study abroad,
  • work experience or internships abroad,
  • short programmes,
  • summer schools.

Create transnational education partnerships in Brazil, Mexico and the Gulf

BMI understands the importance of diversifying and enriching your network of international partnerships, and offers three events to help you build more links in Brazil as well as throughout the Gulf.

Our higher education workshops offer a focussed environment where you can liaise with senior leaders from tertiary institutions across Brazil to explore a variety of internationalisation strategies encompassing international student recruitment, building and nurturing an agent network, facilitating academic exchange, joint research, double degrees, student and faculty mobility, and more.

Meanwhile, to increase your higher education connections in the Gulf, attending our exclusive Gulf Scholarship Summit, the grandiose culmination of UAE International Education Week, will help you create mutually beneficial partnerships with universities from up to seven countries throughout the Middle East. International office directors from this affluent region participate in the summit to find partner universities that can receive their funded students.


Build your higher ed network via private meetings and social functions

Held alongside other BMI events in the region, our higher education workshops provide an opportunity for you to sit down one on one with like-minded international office directors from the world’s top tertiary institutions. Over the course of two days, you’ll hold 21 pre-arranged meetings and have stimulating conversations during refreshment breaks, hearty lunches, classy cocktail receptions and sophisticated dinners in 5-star settings.

You’ll save time by meeting new and current postsecondary education partners all in one location, maximising your visit in each city and your budget.

Events to boost your international education partnerships 2021

Early bird rates end on Dec 18, 2020

Sao Paulo
Education Agents, University International Office Directors

BMI brings two types of recruitment partners together for one event. Join us in Sao Paulo to discuss your programmes with pre-screened agents who can recruit on your behalf, and meet with Brazil’s best universities to explore strategic partnerships for student and staff mobility, international research collaborations and curriculum internationalisation.

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Event Location

Sao Paulo
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Mar 04 - Mar 05

USD 2,500

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BMI connects you to people from across the recruitment spectrum – from the parents and students who are planning their study abroad experience to senior level government representatives, school principals, counsellors, agents and higher education institutions.