Success Stories

We're proud to bring you a collection of stories highlighting how BMI has helped thousands of institutions to connect with new students, elite organisations, secondary school leaders and international office directors all over the world.

International Institutions

University of Manitoba

"I found great value in this event. It was really nice to have dedicated one-on-one time where both parties were provided with background information."

University of California, Berkeley

"Excellent event - very diverse list of counselors from different countries. Will attend again next year. "

British Council

"This was a great event. The quality of the counsellors was high and I was asked a huge variety of questions."

Intl High School Counsellors

Loughborough Grammar School

"Broadly Superb - Great mix of HE institutions and bodies that support HE (e.g. British Council). Love the CAP sessions. The buzz around the whole event was excellent and infectious. The scale is also in term of numbers, types and locations of institutions. "

Cambridge English School

"The workshop was so helpful, meetings counsellors from different schools and countries are really enjoyable and it helps to enrich our experience a lot and share ideas and information."

Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School

"Workshops were well organised and informative, a great opportunity to interact with other school counsellors".