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Engage with students via our selection of article options and our team of experienced writers and translators will seamlessly represent your institution or product alongside our popular and respected content. Our unobtrusive content-based strategy means that students never feel like they are being advertised to. Our advanced algorithm matches the right student to your article, based on their location, interests and demographics, meaning student interest rate will continually remain high.

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Do you hope students will find enjoyment in new and current developments? Is there something about the zeitgeist you think will inspire them? Choose our Trends option to engage with them at the cutting edge

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are relatively new, but are there any good degrees concerning them?


Target audience reach

Our channel has an already built audience of those interested in studying overseas, especially high income demographics in Latin American countries

Students' direct access to you

With a variety of "Call to Action (CTAs)" options available, you can guide each reader to your own website, video, form, poll, social media interaction or download file option (dependent on package purchased).

Non-expiring investment

If your content is successful, it will retain its place in our most read articles section and catch further audience attention.

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Feel free to use the article how you wish, for example, on your own marketing campaigns.

Short, medium and long-term strategy

After the initial package expires you will continue to receive the branding and recruitment benefits of inclusion on the site indefinitely.

No copyright costs

As all of our work is done in-house, there are no on-going fees or subscriptions necessary.

Informative and interesting content

In the past year, we have received 110,000 unique visitors each month, generated through active search (and therefore interest) alone. Our total annual visitors reaches over 1,146,000 per year.

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Unless required by the type of article chosen, all of the production will be managed by Viva Mundo.

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  • Multilingual advertorials on you institution created by our experts.

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Further Recruitment Tools


Communicate directly with Latin American students from the comfort of your office via our Viva Mundo Webinar Service.

One of our Campaign Managers will work with you on establishing a webinar topic, targeted student profile and the markets you wish to reach. A dedicated marketing campaign will then provide you with an audience of quality students interested in your institution.

If you prefer, our Campaign Manager can support you every step of the way and can facilitate questions from the attending students.

Following the webinar, you will immediately receive a detailed report and contact details for the registered students, ready to follow up. Your webinar will also be available for student viewing on an on-going basis, ensuring you receive leads for months to come.

And of course, webinars can be run in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Email Marketing

Contact high quality student leads directly, with our quick, cost-effective Email Marketing Campaigns.

Filter the students you want to reach from our active database of over 500,000, then we’ll send relevant, targeted emails directly to high-quality Latin American leads. Once complete, we will send you detailed reports of the campaign.

We can provide you with best practice examples, guidelines, or even help you design your email and A/B test the variables you would like.