We didn’t become experts overnight.

It was 1987. Things were different back then. There was big hair, dirty dancing, and George Michael gave us all faith. Just over 1 million students were studying overseas and as the appetite for studying abroad blossomed, a fledgling firm called BMI was born.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to connecting students and institutions, encouraging them to explore a world beyond their shores and thereby enabling institutions to grow and diversify their enrolments.

BMI by the numbers

  • 2+ million students have attended a BMI fair
  • We’ve organised 900+ fairs on 5 continents
  • Over 2,400+ institutions, organisation and agents from 35+ countries have exhibited with us
  • We run 60+ international education fairs in 21+ cities each year
  • We reach 570,000 Latin American students each month via Viva Mundo
  • 5 offices in 5 different time zones around the globe

Connections that count.

BMI’s clients include universities, language schools, post-secondary colleges, international schools, boarding schools, government associations and educational agencies from nearly 40 countries.

BMI connecting you to students:

  • 60+ international student recruitment fairs in 21 cities around the world
  • Visits & fairs at top high schools in Asia, Brazil, Latin America and the UAE
  • Digital marketing campaigns reaching 570,000 Latin American students each month via Viva Mundo

BMI connecting you to key stakeholders in the student journey:

  • Agent workshops in Brazil and Asia
  • Global & regional scholarship and training organisations
  • Principal and high school counsellor workshops in Asia, Brazil, Latin America and the Gulf

After one of our events, you’ll return to your desk armed with fresh country insights, verified student data for your recruitment funnel, and memories of meetings with key decision makers from flourishing recruitment markets around the world.

These are connections that count.

BMI has built up 30+ years’ worth of relationships with industry associations and national government-supported education agencies such as the British Council, Education USA, EduCanada, Campus France, DAAD, Education Ireland and more.

Many of these organisations have launched their brands at BMI events and selected BMI to organise events on their behalf or as partners, such as the official EU-focused EuroPosgrados (Colombia and Chile) and EuroPos (Brazil) events on behalf of DAAD, Campus France and NUFFIC.

We are also regularly invited to speak at global education conferences about international student recruitment strategies, working with agents, enrolment trends and student expectations from key source markets around the world.

Watch our clients recruiting students in the BMI fairs