Vietnam is a development success story currently reaping the benefits from economic and political reforms that re-shaped the country at the latter end of the 20th century. Having brought 50% of its population out of poverty since the 1990s, Vietnam has risen to become a lower middle-income country with an appetite for overseas study.

Although the rate of outbound enrolment growth slowed in the years following the global economic crisis, Vietnam has been one of the fastest growing markets for international student recruitment over the last decade; its population currently spend 1% of GDP on overseas education, and to put this trend into perspective, in 2013, there were 125,000 Vietnamese students studying abroad.

Evidence suggests that Vietnam will continue to be a strong market for institutions seeking to expand their international student body. Low standards in domestic education provision, tertiary level under-capacity and a rebounding economy all point towards mid-to-long term growth in outbound student mobility.

Economic growth is predicated to reach 6.2% over the next two years. When the societal premium that is placed on education is factored in, Vietnam becomes an increasingly attractive growth market for international student recruitment.

In November 2015, BMI will host its Vietnam Global Education fairs in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang.

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