With a population of 200 million people, Brazil is by far the largest source of international students in Latin America. The most popular courses are postgraduate courses, language courses or short exchange programmes in overseas high schools. However, undergraduate courses have become increasingly popular in recent years, with enrolment on courses at specialist hotel, film and art & design colleges also on the rise.

For Argentina, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA, Brazil is now considered a priority source country for the recruitment of international students, as well as being in the top 4 for language student recruitment. These figures have seen massive increases in recent years following the 2011 launch of the Brazilian Government’s “Science without Borders” scholarship programme a scholarship which offers 100,000 Brazilian students the chance to pursue either an undergraduate or postgraduate course overseas. In 2014, President Dilma Rousseff announced the second stage of the programme, which will extend the programme to an additional 100,000 students

BMI organises the Salão do Estudante fairs in two series of 7 fairs in March and September each year. The fairs are the largest international student recruitment events in the country and take place in the cities that send the largest number of students abroad. Over 300 international institutions from more than 21 countries take part in the events, including almost every major Brazilian educational agent.

The events attract more than 90,000 students, professionals and parents and are supported by all key media outlets in Brazil,even appearing on the national evening news. BMI also organises the Brazil Higher Education fair, an event which is focused on the recruitment of students for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

In addition, BMI organise the Brazil Higher Education Workshop and The BMI Agents workshop in Sao Paulo once a year. The HE workshop allows international institutions to meet over 50 Directors and senior staff from Brazilian universities, while the Agent workshops allow you to meet educational agencies from across Brazil.

In 2014, BMI was selected to operate the prestigious Euro Pós fair in Brazil on behalf of DAAD, Campus France and Nuffic.

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Country City Dates
Brazil São Paulo 13 & 14 Mar 2019

Exclusive opportunity to meet with high school principals and counsellors:
Immediately before the Salao do Estudante and ExpoPos fairs, you will have the opportunity to meet 50 counsellors/principals from across Brazil, at the Brazil International Schools Forum & Workshop.

Country City Dates
Brazil São Paulo 15 Mar 2019

ExpoPós Brazil:
The International Higher Education Fair of Brazil.

Country City Dates
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 21 Nov 2018
Brazil São Paulo 24 & 25 Nov 2018

Brazil’s leading International Student Recruitment Fair:
High School, Languages, Pathways, Extension, Certificate/Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MBA.

Country City Dates
Brazil São Paulo 16 & 17 Mar 2019
Brazil Rio de Janeiro 19 Mar 2019
Brazil Rio de Janeiro (Barra Tijuca) 20 Mar 2019
Brazil Brasilia 22 Mar 2019
Brazil Belo Horizonte 24 Mar 2019
Brazil Salvador 26 Mar 2019
Brazil Porto Alegre 28 Mar 2019
Brazil Curitiba 30 Mar 2019