Upcoming events

Exclusive opportunity to meet with high school principals and counsellors:
Immediately proceeding the UAE Global Educations Fairs you will have the opportunity to meet 50 counsellors/principals from across the UAE and selected schools from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait at the Gulf International Schools Forum & Workshop

United Arab Emirate’s leading International Student Recruitment Fair:
Recruit students from Abu Dhabi & Dubai.
UAE Dubai Fairs in 6 x High Schools 10 - 11 Oct 2018 Learn more Register now
UAE Dubai 12 - 13 Oct 2018 Learn more Register now
UAE Abu Dhabi 15 Oct 2018 Learn more Register now
UAE Abu Dhabi Fairs in 3 x High Schools 16 Oct 2018 Learn more Register now
Learn more Register now
Networking event to meet with the heads of the largest scholarship programs from the Gulf region.
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 17 - 18 Oct 2018 Learn more Register now
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Two ways to grow your agent network with BMI

Meet Brazilian Agents Face-to-Face

The BMI Agents Workshop Brazil connects you with more than 60 pre-qualified agents from all over Brazil for two days of one-to-one meetings.

Using the online meeting scheduling system you pre-select the agents you want to meet. Our ratio of agents to institutions is set at 2-1, ensuring you have a full schedule of meetings.

An integrated program of networking drinks, dinner and lunches compliment the meetings and allow you to strengthen new relationships in a relaxed environment.

International Agents Database

The BMI International Education Agents Database (IEAD) is a comprehensive database of international education agencies aggregating more than 16,000 individual educational agent contacts (8,000 agencies) from around the world.

The IEAD data is constantly updated and includes the name of each agency, key contacts (Director level), address, phone, email and website.

Agency break down by continent
1Purchase to use as you like.

Drive your own email marketing campaigns, do market mapping and provide your staff with the contacts they need. The data is updated and refreshed each quarter free of charge for the first year.

2Let us send an email campaign for you.

We offer a range of segmentation options that allow you to run regional specific campaigns. Where in the world would you like to grow your agent network ? We can help.