Connecting you with quality agents from across Asia

The BMI Agent Workshop is renowned across the region as attracting a wide range of high-quality pre-screened agents from across Thailand, Vietnam and the rest of Asia. It is therefore the perfect opportunity to meet a wide range of agents from the region and significantly increase your Asian agent network over a two-day period. Institutions can maximise their time in-country by immediately recruiting students by participating in the Global education Fairs which immediately precedes the workshop.

The BMI Agent Workshop Asia is a 2-day networking event for international educators who want to increase and improve their relationships with agents from Thailand, Vietnam and the rest of Asia.

The workshop is a series of one-to-one meetings with carefully pre-screened education agents and networking functions. The networking functions allow you to meet even more agents in a relaxed atmosphere so you can maximise the number of agents you meet during the workshop.

The Workshop is particularly relevant for institutions that want to build relationships with high-quality agents from Thailand but also Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, South Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This is a boutique event, we limit the number of institutions in our workshops so you leave knowing every agent and, just as importantly, they know you. A ratio of 2 agents per institution means that you only meet with the most relevant agents, leaving you with sufficient time for a full discussion of your programmes.

And with the Marcom online meeting scheduling system, you can pre-select the agents you want to meet before arriving at the event, ensuring a full schedule of high-quality meetings.

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  • Quality: a diverse mix of thoroughly vetted key agents from across Asia
  • Economical: a cost-effective way to meet multiple quality screened agents
  • Value: 50% discount for delegates participating in Global Education Fairs Vietnam
Dates City Country Standard Rate
19 - 20 Mar 2019 Bangkok Thailand US$5,000 (50% discount when participating in Vietnam Global Education Fair)
19 - 20 Mar 2019
US$5,000 (50% discount when participating in Vietnam Global Education Fair)

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