United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven states formed in 1971 by the then Trucial States after independence from Britain.

Since the discovery of oil throughout the 1960s, cities across the country – Dubai and Abu Dhabi most prominently – have become increasingly attractive investment destinations and in recent years have implemented measures to become an international hub for education.

Despite embarking on a period of economic openness, and developing ‘free zones’ to attract foreign educational institutions, there still remains a desire amongst young Emiratis to pursue tertiary level education overseas. Notable recipients of outbound Emiratis students are institutions in the UK, USA and Australia.

As Emiratis only form 19% of the population in the UAE, the country has a distinctly cosmopolitan demographic structure. The majority of the population are South Asian, with neighbour state Arabs and Iranians making up almost a quarter of the population, too.

Expats in the UAE are among the wealthiest worldwide, according to the HSBC ‘Expat Explorer’ survey. No tax and a business-friendly regulatory framework mean that an expatriate earns more disposable income – in 87% of cases, according to HSBC International - than in their home country.

BMI will be holding fairs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in October 2015 as part of its Global Education Fairs – Middle East.

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