Grow your student enrollments at Brazil’s leading international student fair

Brazil’s best-known international student recruitment fair since 1994.

The numbers speak for themselves. In September 2017, 26,000+ students, parents and executives visited Salão to meet 115+ institutions from 20+ countries.

Held across the major cities of Brazil, Salão do Estudante is one of the most prominent and successful education fairs in the world.

Organisations such as Education USA, Education Ireland, Australian Embassey, Campus France, Universities Portugal and almost every major educational agency in Brazil participates in Salão. Without a doubt, Salao is an essential, unmissable event to include in your recruitment plans.

Salão do Estudante connects enthusiastic students looking to study abroad with schools and universities from across the globe. Since the needs of students are as varied as the students themselves, a vast range of institutions attend each year.

A huge source of international students, with a population of over 200 million and a growing economic power, Brazil is replete with ambitious young men and women.  Each year thousands of students use  Salão do Estudante as their opportunity to find their course abroad, making these events some of the most fundamental in the region. 

Since 1994, Salão has been a focal point for some of the largest education agencies in the world, testament enough to Salão’s global reach and influence.  

Visit exclusive high schools.

Combine your main student fair trip by joining BMI’s fairs that take place in top private high schools in São Paulo.

To bolster your recruitment efforts, BMI takes a limited number of accredited institutions to visit international/bilingual high schools which have been carefully selected for their quality curriculum and their enthusiasm to proactively prepare their students for studying abroad.

At each school, you will participate in an on-campus mini-fair that will directly connect you with senior students, parents and high school counsellors.

Limited Availability!

These visits are only for exhibitors participating in Salão do Estudante and are limited to 15 international education institutions.

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  • 26,000 visitors over 8 cities
  • Integrated program of visits to top private High Schools
  • Collect student data using the free BMI Smart Scan App & increase conversions
  • Meet students planning to study abroad as well as parents
Dates City Country Standard Rate
16 - 17 Mar 2019 São Paulo Brazil US$4,200
19 Mar 2019 Rio de Janeiro Brazil US$3,300
20 Mar 2019 Rio de Janeiro (Barra Tijuca) Brazil US$2,700
22 Mar 2019 Brasilia Brazil US$2,700
24 Mar 2019 Belo Horizonte Brazil US$2,700
26 Mar 2019 Salvador Brazil US$2,700
28 Mar 2019 Porto Alegre Brazil US$1,900
30 Mar 2019 Curitiba Brazil US$2,700
São Paulo
16 - 17 Mar 2019
Rio de Janeiro
19 Mar 2019
Rio de Janeiro (Barra Tijuca)
20 Mar 2019
22 Mar 2019
Belo Horizonte
24 Mar 2019
26 Mar 2019
Porto Alegre
28 Mar 2019
30 Mar 2019

Your 5-star BMI experience includes:

Each exhibitor will receive (click below to see details):

Private Stand

BMI SmartScan App

Free Promotion

Brand exposure

Making your event experience easy and successful

To help reduce the workload, BMI offers a range of support services making your fair experience easier, less stressful and more cost effective.

Print in Brazil

Lost in translation

Printing of stand graphics

Save on Hotels

How we connect you with the right students

BMI deploy a multi-channel marketing strategy that is based on the individual recruitment needs of each of our participating exhibitors. By utilizing the following channels, we connect you with students who are in the final stages of choosing their international course and institution.

  • Search Engine Marketing Campaign
  • Strong Networks
  • On Campus Promotion
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Direct Access to Affluent Families

Visitor Statistics

Salão do Estudante - March 2018


São Paulo 17.213
Rio de Janeiro - Copa 5.7047
Rio de Janeiro - Barra 4.946
Curitiba 3.644
Belo Horizonte 3.725
Brasília 2.891
Salvador 3.217
Porto Alegre 2.016
Florianópolis 2.007
Total 44.706

When do they plan to study?

Within 3 months 16%
3 - 6 months 31%
In 6 months - 1 year 39%
In 1 year or more 14%

Where do they want to study?

Argentina 22%
Australia 27%
Balgium 8%
Canada 35%
Chile 15%
China 18%
Colombia 9%
Denmark 9%
Finland 10%
France 21%
Germany 16%
Holland 14%
Ireland 29%
Italy 17%
Japan 13%
Malaysia 10%
Malta 17%
Mexico 11%
New Zealand 14%
Peru 8%
Poland 12%
Portugal 32%
South Africa 25%
Spain 20%
Sweden 10%
Switzerland 13%
Turkey 9%
UK 23%
Uruguay 7%
USA 35%

Which courses do they want to take?

Language Courses 40%
Undergraduate 26%
Postgraduate Courses 24%
Customised / Certificate 18%
MBA 15%
High School 16%
Media, Film & Entertainment 15%
Tourism & Hospitality 13%
Summer Courses / Simmer Camps 14%
Art & Design 12%

Organisations who frequently participate

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