Connect with high school principals & counsellors from 50 leading Gulf secondary schools.

Connect with new high school partners from across the Gulf

BMI invites participants from only the best private, bilingual and international schools from the UAE and across the Gulf, so you can be sure to meet prospective partners who can send you top quality students. High schools from the GEMS education network, which includes 49 K-12 schools across the UAE, also play a big role in this event. All participating secondary schools have been selected due to the high numbers of internationally mobile alumni they produce who study overseas after they graduate.

Participating private high schools will come from a range of profiles such as:

  • International schools teaching an American, British, French or German curriculum;
  • Secondary schools preparing students for GCSEs or A levels;
  • K-12 schools following the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme;
  • Private elite schools;
  • Private Catholic, Islamic and other religion-affiliated schools.

Wondering which secondary schools you will meet?

As a key event in the UAE International Education Week programme, attendees gather in Dubai from the following countries:

  • Bahrain;
  • Kuwait;
  • Oman;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • UAE.

We can send you a short list of secondary schools in the Middle East that regularly attend the BMI Gulf International Schools Forum & Workshop.

How we connect you with the right schools

Our locally based outreach team have long standing relationships with outstanding high schools across the region. Using our local knowledge, we engage with principals and counsellors to invite them to the event and explain how meeting with international university partners will help them to counsel students and parents.

High school counsellors are also attracted to the BMI Gulf International Schools Forum & Workshop because they can participate in professional development seminars that tackle key issues such as academic testing, how to improve the counselling profession, and managing various visa processes.

With the added weight of the UAE International Education Week, this compelling programme ensures that we attract the right high schools for you to meet, train and form new relationships with in order to encourage outbound mobility.

Supported by key local organisations