Connect with counsellors and principals from the best private, bilingual and international schools in Central and Latin America.

Panama City
29 February - 1 March 2024

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Panama, Panama City
High School Counselors

An increasing number of young Latin American students are leaving their country to study abroad, and this occasion marks the beginning of that trend. At this event, you can meet the leaders and advisors of high schools who motivate and support students in their last years of secondary education and spend two days strengthening connections with influential people from Latin America top private and international schools.

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Event Location
Event Location

Panama City


Feb 29 - Mar 01

USD 4,400

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Each meeting package includes the items listed below and is based on one representative with one meeting schedule.

You can also bring a second person if you’d like to double your number of meetings. Simply contact us to discuss the details and reserve two spaces.

Appointment scheduler

Access to Marcom Connect, the online meeting system that allows you to fill your schedule with your choice of meetings before you arrive.

Private meeting space

Your own dedicated table for 28 private meetings with the region’s best school counsellors who have been vetted and handpicked by BMI/THE.

Intimate networking

Luxurious networking functions including a welcome cocktail reception and gala dinner, coffee breaks and social luncheon.

Verified contact data

Handbook with information and contact details of every attending high school and their event participants.

Meet the best high schools

Opportunities to meet and network with student counsellors and principals based across a wide recruitment region.

Long-term brand exposure

Each counsellor will receive your contact info and a profile of your institution in their workshop handbook, a guide they use for future reference.

Get a customised recruitment package

BMI hosts over 80 events each year in 10 countries as well as nonstop virtual events and online marketing campaigns. You can mix and match event types, dates and cities, plus ramp up brand exposure for audiences where you need it most. We’re happy to build a bespoke plan just for you, and of course the more you book, the more you save!

Make your event experience easier, less stressful and more cost effective

To help reduce your workload, BMI offers a range of support services.

Printing solutions

Print locally

BMI can print your brochures and banners locally and have them waiting for you upon arrival.

Storage & delivery

BMI can store materials for future use, deliver to advising centres and agencies, or carry out in-country mailings.

In-country solutions


We can provide translators to help you when talking with local principals and counsellors.

Save on hotels

BMI gets you heavily discounted hotel rates before, during and after our events. Maximise your trip by arriving early or extending your stay for further follow-ups or meetings.