Connect with counsellors and principals from the best private, bilingual and international schools in Central and Latin America.

Panama City
29 February - 1 March 2024

Central & Latin America International Schools Forum & Workshop

This event is truly unique in its ability to connect you with influential leaders at the secondary school level across a vast region in the Caribbean and the Americas.

You will have exclusive access to decision makers and advisors at the top international and private high schools whose high achieving students possess strong English language skills and a vibrant energy that lights up any classroom.

Each counsellor is being flown to Panama City and hosted by BMI/THE for the duration of the event.

We’re bringing the best to you – make sure you’re there!

Networking and pre-scheduled, private meetings with high school counsellors and leaders

BMI/THE helps you save time by meeting with key decision makers from up to ten countries all in one place.

Each participating counsellor has been vetted and specifically invited to the event based on their school’s record of students travelling abroad for higher education. On qualifying to attend, BMI pays for their flights, accommodation and all meals.

By hosting these school leaders, they – and the participating international education institutions – will have plenty of time to get to know each other during the various networking breaks, lunches and the Gala Dinner. In addition, attendees are able to select who they wish to meet and pre-organise all appointments via Marcom, the online scheduling system.

Forge connections with crucial contacts early in the student journey

Each participating international education institution will be able to:

  • Target and pre-schedule meetings with specific high school counsellors and principals.
  • Conduct 28 private meetings over 2 days with the best schools in the entire region.
  • Network with all participating counsellors during the cocktail reception, gala dinner, plus lunches and coffee breaks each day.
  • Access discounted hotel accommodation during the event.

How we ensure you make the right contacts at the K-12 level

With so much variety in global undergraduate admissions processes and requirements, our events give counsellors the chance to not only meet industry colleagues face to face, but also enhance their own knowledge and career development.

During our workshop, counsellors will also attend educational seminars which form part of Times Higher Education Counsellor Accreditation Programme (THE CAP). Consisting of 12 modules and covering a solid range of content to help improve counsellors’ daily tasks when advising students, THE CAP is a ground-breaking professional development programme to support the international school sector.

All attending counsellors will receive some in-person training from THE CAP during the event, and then finish the remaining sessions online. Once completed, they will be among an elite cohort of school counsellors who hold a globally recognised accreditation, bolstering their career profile and thereby enhancing the reputation of their school.

The fact that the counsellors and school leaders can obtain this extra professional development training and certification is a huge incentive for them to attend the Forum & Workshop. Hence, we are able to ensure that the best of the best participate in our event and are genuinely interested in improving their industry knowledge and global network.

Limited availability - Reserve your space now before this event sells out!

Due to the unique nature of this event, only 30 international higher education institutions are able to attend. Demand for this event is strong and planning is underway, so be sure to reserve your space now before it is too late!
Panama, Panama City
High School Counselors

An increasing number of young Latin American students are leaving their country to study abroad, and this occasion marks the beginning of that trend. At this event, you can meet the leaders and advisors of high schools who motivate and support students in their last years of secondary education and spend two days strengthening connections with influential people from Latin America top private and international schools.

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Event Location
Event Location

Panama City


Feb 29 - Mar 01

USD 4,400