For the first time, the Education budget will exceed the Defense budget in Colombia

AUTHOR: Maria Clara Tamayo
DATE: 15/01/2015

2015 will be the first year in the history of Colombia that Education will exceed Defense in the Government budget. This will help the goal of the Colombian Government of being the “most educated” country  in Latin America in 2025.  Most of the budget will go to increase the quality of education as well as reduce inequality within the Colombian population. One of the initiatives will be to increase the number of scholarships available for students that want to enroll in tertiary education.

The budget for Education will now represent 4% of the 2015 GDP and Defense will drop from 3.7% to 3.4%. The second period of Juan Manuel Santos as president turned its focus on social investment. This is to prepare the country for the post-conflict era once the negotiations finish with the FARC guerrilla group.