USD65 million for “Being smart pays off” Colombian program

AUTHOR: Maria Clara Tamayo
DATE: 15/01/2015

The Colombian Government announced a new higher education scholarship program for low income students . The program will be managed by ICETEX; the loan agency for education in Colombia. 10,000 students will benefit from this initiative that covers tuition fees as well as maintenance expenses.  

The students will be able to enroll in one of the 33 high quality certified institutions in the country. These institutions will not charge the registration fees and will implement programs to avoid student dropouts.

The two requirements a student must have to be accepted in to the program are:
*Coming from a low income family,
*A score above 310 points in the National Exam for last grade students.

Every year, around 17,000 of the best 27,000 students in the National Exam come from low income families. From that number, 4,000 cannot access the Higher Education system as they cannot afford to study. The program aims to grant high quality education to the best students in the country, no matter their origin.