New laws in Colombia & Peru to ensure quality of education

AUTHOR: Maria Clara Tamayo
DATE: 11/08/2014

Peru’s congress has approved the creation of a new government body (Superintendece of Higher Education) to ensure the quality of Higher education in Peru. Colombia has also announced plans to create a similar organization in 2015.

Peru and Colombia are looking to increase the quality of their Higher Education system by creating bodies that supervise and regulate the programs and actions of institutions offering Higher Education courses.

Peru's congress approved the new “University Law” in July 2014 and mandated that the new National Superintendence of Higher Education must be created within 90 days.  This new body will regulate the Higher Education institutions, supervise their resources and will have the right to approve or reject licences for Higher Education institutions. With the new law, Peru is looking to fight the creation of what is commonly known in the country as “Garage Universities”. These are usually very small institutions that offer programs which considered of very low quality.

Colombia’s government is also looking to create a similar body in 2015. The National Council for Higher Education presented in August 2014 the guidelines for the next 20 years for the Higher Education system.  These included the creation of the Superintendece of Education, which will take over some of the functions of the Education Ministry and would act as an independent government office.  The new body will mainly focus in the regulation and vigilance of higher education institutions.

With the guidelines, Colombia is also looking to change the way universities are financed in order to increase the access to higher education. The goal is to increase from 45% to 84% enrollment in higher education by 2034.