Outlook Positive for 2017 Brazilian Student Market

AUTHOR: Jack McCormack-Noonan
DATE: 23/03/2017

Despite challenging economic conditions, recent reports indicate that Brazilian students remain willing to invest in an international education.

Following this year’s ST Alphe Brazil conference, Brazilian agents spoke with StudyTravel Magazine about student course and destination trends, indicating optimism about current market movement.

Mauro Mandil, Managing Director at NM Cursos e Intercâmbios summed up the feeling, “Economic problems create opportunity. University and 2+2 programmes in Canada are popular as students want to migrate and live there. [A] semester abroad is also popular at European universities in cities such as Barcelona and Milan”.

Other courses such as language programmes, pathway programmes and MA courses also remain popular.

Unemployment is currently at an all-time high in Brazil and as a consequence many predicted a difficult period for international education as students struggle to find the funds necessary.

However, it appears that the opposite is the case, as families value the skills developed overseas and so are willing to fully educate their children in the hopes of improving employment opportunities upon their return.